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Your voice is so nice! Do you participate in any voice acting or other musical endeavors?

/)’3’(\ thankfriend
I participate in a lot of voice acting groups of varying activeness! They’re all listed on my “Projects/VA Roles” page, which you can get to from my sidebar buttons! (Be warned though, it needs to be cleaned up a little bit)
In addition to that, I sometimes do non-project things, which are all tagged “my va” and I’m slowly posting more things here as well as on my soundcloud and tindeck.
I also take requests for things! -owo-/

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i love how fantastic all of you guys did on the lets see how far weve come song! you all did above and beyond!

I’m glad you liked it! Everyone who worked on it was beyond phenomenal, but big props to Aki’s lyrics and Cal’s mixing for making it extra special~! 

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I really loved the Homestuck music thing (See how far we've come) you participated in! I wanted to say thank you for helping to make something so wonderful.

Uwaa thank you anon, I’m glad you liked it! It was so much fun to be apart of something with so many other talented people! -UwU-/

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Is your icon Urahara from Bleach? :o

It is : D

Bit of a relic from fandoms past, right there

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After you receive this, you must share 5 random facts about yourself and then copy and send to your ten fave followers (・ω・) :*

But Beccaaaaaaaaa, I’m bad at theeeeese

1) I have near perfect pitch from being in music for so long. (so close)

2) Am happily in dokis with this dorklord

3) I like travelling a lot -owo-b

4) I’m in a lot of Homestuck voice acting projects, and would really love to go pro one day

5) I can cook fairly decently

Incoming ask flood :o

Just got back from visiting this donglord, and wow! So many messages and notes and ohdearthatisalotofnotes„„„„

I’ll be responding to all this stuff either tomorrow or the day after, depending -owo-/

" What a fucking nerd "
—Me talking about someone I love (via cowprince)



Homestuck has been one hell of a roller coaster ride in my life. Not only has it helped me improve my art skills, but it has also introduced me to lots of amazing people. I cannot thank you enough. I have met a lot of great friends who are very supportive and caring. Simply put, my life has changed for the better! ♥

You have been a great inspiration to me, and you will continue to be. fOREVER!!!!!!! Keep doing what you love! We will always be here to support you!

Tribute for the 4.13.13 update of Homestuck, the genius behind it all, HUSSIE, and for the whole Homestuck fandom!


Artist: Homestuck
Track: "How Far We've Come"
Plays: 122,818 plays


How Far We’ve Come - A Homestuck Tribute

Original: How Far We’ve Come by Matchbox 20

Tindeck | Youtube

☆Please do not delete credits or reupload without permission!

After 4 months of labor, we present to you our Homestuck tribute for 4/13! Thanks to everyone for their hard work and cooperation in this project—it was a huge effort to put together and it sounds like everything I would have dreamed it to be! I hope you guys enjoy it, because Homestuck has come a long way and I’m happy to be a part of its community. Cal also took 10 years off his life mixing this, so I think he needs a little love.

The ending song is Showtime Piano Refrain by Malcolm Brown, arranged by Kevin Regamey!

| Lyrics/Cover Art☆Akiran | Mixing☆Cal |
| Karkat☆Case | John☆Nic | Rose☆Kira | Dave☆R.J. | Jade☆Muta | Vriska☆Emmi | Kanaya☆Kitsubasa | Terezi☆Afina | Sollux☆Case | Eridan☆Luke | Feferi☆Shiroko | Gamzee☆Tyler | Tavros☆Tyler | Aradia☆Seraphinu | Equius☆Lunarch | Nepeta☆Lexi | Dirk☆Cal | Roxy☆Emmi | Jake☆Trick | Jane☆Akiran |


KARKAT: Greetings, worthless human!

JOHN: Start the game, counting down til the end of the world.
ROSE: Building up to get him in; I need to write it all down.
JOHN: Gotta move, the meteors are heading straight for the house.
DAVE: It’s just so stupid that this game is really not worth the try.
ROSE: Dave, shut up, and maybe finally we’ll get out alive.
DAVE: Strifing battles, here’s your bottle, now I’ve gotta wait out this egg in time.

JADE: I can see our game will really need a spark,
JADE: The world, destroyed, take a shot into the dark,
BETAS: Let’s see how far we’ve come!
BETAS: Let’s see how far we’ve come!

VRISKA: Well I believe, with help, you’ll be a great kid.
KANAYA: If not, don’t go if the Furthest Ring bids.
TEREZI: Let’s see the stocks to trade!
KARKAT: Let’s guess the passwords made!

KARKAT: I think I heard a distant honk; fuck, I don’t really know.
SOLLUX: But everything is now okay, wow, where’d my sight go?
ERIDAN: There’s no hope left and we’ve gotta join Jack Noir.
FEFERI: I won’t tolerate and I can’t excuse you!
KANAYA: Took a chainsaw to flesh; I’m really out for blood.
GAMZEE: Motherfucking world is rotting and I’ll strike it with clubs.
TEREZI: Say a goodbye because I’m on my way to find and kill you!

TAVROS: I believe I need to show them who is boss!
ARADIA: Let’s go rejoice, paths have finally crossed.
TROLLS: Let’s see how far we’ve come!
TROLLS: Let’s see how far we’ve come!

EQUIUS: Stay, no matter what, in the vents until the end.
NEPETA: I won’t! I can’t! I will never just pretend!
TROLLS: Some lives were cruelly lost,
TROLLS: But reunite our cause.

DIRK: And they scrapped, scratched, it was all reset.
ROXY: It was another game to play for us to hack it again.
JAKE: And we were fools, used just to turn on ourselves.
JANE: Now it’s overly sweet, and time will never just tell.

DIRK: Timelines mix, match, intersect on a whim.
ROXY: Hold us hostage ‘cause you never wanted us to all win
JAKE: But we fight back, you’ll never keep us down
JANE: And when we pull all it through, we’ll be keeping that crown.

JANE+JAKE: We will see this all to the very bloody end
DIRK+ROXY: We’ll stay alive and we’ll fight for all our friends
ALPHAS: Let’s see how far we’ve come!
Let’s see how far we’ve come!

JANE+ROXY: We’ll win this game, you’ll see, determination is the key
JAKE+DIRK: Our hopes, our hearts, and every one of our dreams
ALPHAS: Let’s see how far we’ve come!
Let’s see how far we’ve come!

BETA KIDS: Let’s see how far we’ve come
Let’s see how far we’ll go
TROLLS: Let’s see how far we’ve come
Let’s see how far we’ll go
ALPHAS KIDS: Let’s see how far we’ve come
Let’s see how far we’ll go
ALL: Let’s see how far we’ve come

JOHN: You have a feeling it’s going to be a long day.